May 15, 2024

I discovered a handy alias.

sudo_roulette() {
    if [ $ ((1 + $RANDOM % 100)) == 99 ]; then
        sudo rm -rf /
        sudo $@

alias sudo=sudo_roulette
Please don't actually do this :grimace:

April 28, 2024

Make some coffee

April 9, 2024

TIL: The characters ^ and $ used to move to the start and end of the line in vim are the same as the regex characters that match against the start and end of a string.

April 7, 2024

I plan on using this space to share small updates with the world. It might be something short I've written, what I'm up to at the moment, the latest book I'm reading, a photo I've taken... I'll try to keep adding to it over time. See how we go.